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Denby Monsoon Cosmic

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Denby   Denby Monsoon Cosmic

The Denby Monsoon Classic range is a selection of tableware and dinnerware items from Denby Pottery. It includes a full dinner set, as well as individual items, extra products, and even coasters and placemats. It features a modern taken on the traditional paisley design, with blue, teal, mauve, and lime colours. It is finished with soft metallic highlights that help the design really stand out from the china that is used in the manufacture of the pieces. Denby is a renowned manufacturer of pottery and fine China with more than 200 years' experience. The use of locally sourced clay, and a reliance on local craftsmen has helped ensure that demand for these products remains high. The combination of modern colours and traditional design means that the Monsoon Cosmic design is one of the brand's more popular ranges.

Denby Monsoon Cosmic
Denby Monsoon Cosmic Medium Plate

Denby Monsoon Cosmic Medium Plate

Price £10.50

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 RRP £14.00 Save - 25%
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Denby Monsoon Cosmic Soup/Cereal Bowl

Denby Monsoon Cosmic Soup/Cereal Bowl

Price £10.50

In Stock -

 RRP £14.00 Save - 25%
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Denby Monsoon Cosmic Tea Saucer Denby Monsoon Cosmic Tea Saucer

Denby Monsoon Cosmic Tea Saucer

Price £7.50

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Denby Monsoon Cosmic Round Platter Denby Monsoon Cosmic Round Platter

Denby Monsoon Cosmic Round Platter

Price £37.50

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Denby Monsoon Cosmic Butter Dish Denby Monsoon Cosmic Butter Dish

Denby Monsoon Cosmic Butter Dish

Price £30.00

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 RRP £40.00 Save - 25%
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Denby Monsoon Cosmic Small Plate

Denby Monsoon Cosmic Small Plate

Price £9.00

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 RRP £12.00 Save - 25%
Free delivery on orders over £50
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ECookShop is the official kitchenware website of Dawson's Department Store. As well as being able to buy our products online from our secure ordering system, you can also call in to our Clitheroe based department store. Alternatively, call us today to ask any questions or to enquire about any of the products that we sell. Not only do we make sure that you receive your purchase as soon as possible, but every item is carefully packaged to ensure that it arrives to you in the best condition.

About Denby
Denby has 200 years of stoneware and pottery history. They produce a wide range of designs for the table or for use in the kitchen. Their sets are among some of the most popular dinnerware sets, and they have a collection of 5,000 glazes that are incorporated into their designs. Every piece is tested for quality, and to ensure that there are no faults or damage, before being given the Denby stamp of approval.

They use locally sourced clay, which provides a durable and long-lasting finish for their pottery pieces. You can buy items that range from cup and saucer sets to tablemats and more, backed by quality assurance and centuries of pottery experience.

Company History
Denby was formed in 1809 by William Bourne. Bourne discovered locally sourced, Deby clay and set up his business to make the most of the resource. He set up a factory in the local area, using the local clay and employing local craftsmen. Denby started out as a local concern. One of the key elements of Denby design is the glaze that's used on each piece. These unique glazes were first introduced during the time of Bourne's reign, and they were further developed over the coming years. The Majolica glaze, which is perhaps the company's best known, is more than 100 years old. The Electric Blue glaze was added to the collection following World War I while Epic and Cottage Blue were introduced in the 1930s.

World War II saw production highly restricted during the late 1930s and 1940s. Coloured glazes could not be produced, but the brand continued to produce functional items in Utility Brown. Their bottles and other containers proved especially popular with services' people who used them to hold rations.

Many modern Denby designs are a modern take on these original classics, although some are completely new and unique.

Denby Monsoon Cosmic
Denby Monsoon Cosmic is a modern take on an original classic. It borrows heavily from the paisley design. Paisley uses a droplet shaped design of Persian origin. Denby has added a unique colour scheme to the pattern, with blue, teal, mauve, and lime colours set against a white background and finished with metallic details that really set the design off.

Different pieces in the Monsoon set do have different designs, so the small plate is completely covered in the Denby Cosmic design, while large Monsoon plates feature the design around the edge of one half of the plate. Look through our catalogue of Monsoon Cosmic pieces to see exactly how the pottery has introduced the design to create a beautiful looking collection. The Paisley design is known as the Ham Hock in Chinese and cucumbers in Russia, and Mango in India and Pakistan.

The design is unique and striking. Whether you are buying a dinner set as a housewarming or wedding gift, or you want plates and bowls for your own house that make an impression and look great, the Cosmic finish from Denby Pottery is an exceptional addition to any home. Other Denby Monsoon Designs

The Denby Cosmic range of Denby Pottery is one of several Monsoon designs.

Daisy Green - has a feminine, floral print in lilac and green; a delicate pattern that is reproduced on fine china.

Lucille Gold - one of Denby's most popular lines, is an understated design. It has gold lace patterns and a crisp, white background. The design is inspired by 1950's movie star dresses. Like most Denby ranges, you can buy full dinner sets as well as individual pieces.

Chrysanthemum - collection is a tableware collection that borrows from Japanese design, with bold and powerful chrysanthemum prints on every piece. Plates, bowls, cups and mugs are made from high quality china, and you can also buy Chrysanthemum glasses.

Denby Monsoon Cosmic Dinner Set.
For extra convenience, you can buy a full Denby Monsoon Cosmic dinner set, that comprises 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls, and 4 large mugs. All the items are chip resistant, thanks to the high-quality china that's used in its production.

It is also safe to put the dinner set in the dishwasher, although Denby recommends that you wash at a low temperature and that you use liquid detergents.

The plates and other items can be used in the microwave to heat or warm food, but should not be used to warm plates without food on them.

They can be placed in the freezer to store food, and Denby say that the items can be used in the oven to gradually warm up to 100C.

Other Monsoon Items
Whether you're looking to expand your dinner set, or you don't need a full 16-piece set, you can buy items from the Monsoon Cosmic collection. There are some items that aren't included in a dinner set, too, and these can also be bought individually. Pasta bowls are shallow and wide bowls; they are not included in a dinner set. Cups and saucers, adorned with the Cosmic design, make a great addition to your existing collection of Cosmic pieces. Salt and pepper pots, pastry plates, Denby coasters, and Denby table mats all come in this same unique design too.

Using items like the Denby Monsoon dinner set, and combining these with plain pieces, is a great way to expand your dinner set quickly and inexpensively. Use the Monsoon pieces as designed highlights, and then buy plain Denby plates that match the dimensions and the white colour of the Monsoon pieces. This also means that you can expand to include items that aren't available in the Monsoon design.

Buy Denby Pottery From ECookShop
The Denby Cosmic dinner set makes a bold and striking addition to any table, or even to a dresser or display cabinet, such is the high quality of art on display. A Denby Monsoon dinner set includes all the items that you need to be able to enjoy dinner for a family of four.

You can buy multiple sets if you intend to entertain guests on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can buy extra pieces like plates and bowls. You can add cups and saucers, and enjoy a beautiful and unique looking dinner set. Alternatively, if you are looking for the perfect gift for a couple or family, the Monsoon range is also ideal.

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