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Nespresso Coffee Machines

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Nespresso Coffee Machines Nespresso machines revolutionised the home coffee and espresso making industry. The machines are very easy to use, make no mess, and they produce great tasting coffee. The machines themselves also tend to be smaller and sleeker than other espresso machines, making them suitable for smaller kitchens and those with limited space.

At ECookShop we have a varied selection of Krups Nespresso machines including Inissia, Citiz, Prodigio, and Nespresso Pixie machines. Different models are different sizes and incorporate different features. We offer free delivery on orders over �50 and, as well as having a full range of accessories and other items.

Nespresso Coffee Machines
Magimix Nespresso Vertuo Pop Pacific Blue

Magimix Nespresso Vertuo Pop Pacific Blue

Now £59.99

In Stock -
RRP £100.00 Save - 40%
Free delivery on orders over £50
Magimix Vertuo Next Chrome Nespresso Coffee Machine Plus Milk Frother

Magimix Vertuo Next Chrome Nespresso Coffee Machine Plus Milk Frother
Now £169.99

In Stock -
RRP £250.00 Save - 32%
Free delivery on orders over £50
Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine Vertuo Plus LE Red (11389)

Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine Vertuo Plus LE Red (11389)

Now £159.00

In Stock -
RRP £179.95 Save - 12%
Free delivery on orders over £50
Sage The Creatista Plus Nespresso Stainless Steel Coffee Machine BNE800BSS

Sage The Creatista Plus Nespresso Stainless Steel Coffee Machine BNE800BSS

Now £478.95

In Stock -
£14.91 per month on finance
Nespresso Vertuo Creatista Coffee Machine by Sage - Stainless Steel

Nespresso Vertuo Creatista Coffee Machine by Sage - Stainless Steel

Now £648.00

In Stock -
£20.17 per month on finance
Sage The Creatista Pro Nespresso Coffee Machine

Sage The Creatista Pro Nespresso Coffee Machine

Now £678.95

In Stock -
£21.14 per month on finance

Nespresso Benefits

The most obvious benefit of Nespresso from Krups and other manufacturers is that they are very easy to use. They afford even the most time-strapped coffee lovers to enjoy a decent mug of coffee. Add the Nespresso pod and water, choose the setting, and press the button. There's no preparing or tamping, cleaning is much easier, and there's less waste. Once finished, you simply pull a lever or press a button and the empty pod is dispensed.

Consistency is another massive bonus that Nespresso machine users benefit from. Every time you press the button, you get a cup of coffee of the same quality. It tastes the same every time you use a Nespress coffee machine.

There's also a reasonable variety of pods and coffee flavours available. There are some people that reuse the pods, or buy empty pods, and add their own coffee. Alternatively, you can buy replacement pods at a reasonable price and ensure that you enjoy the same flavour that you have come to expect from your coffee making endeavours.

The following are some of the Nespresso coffee machines that we stock and sell:

Inissia - The Inissia is the entry level Krups Nespresso machine. It comes in bright colours, has a very small footprint and with just two buttons it is quick and easy to make a really good cup of coffee. The machine shuts off automatically after 30 minutes, although this can be set to just 9 minutes. If you want a fast and efficient means of delivering a consistently great tasting cup of coffee, then the Inissia machines from Nespresso Krups is the ideal solution.

Pixie - Despite the diminutive design of the Pixie, it packs in a surprising range of advanced features. It reaches temperature in just 25 seconds, the machine warns you when the 0.7l tank is close to being empty. It will fit in virtually any room, and on any surface, and will create great tasting cups of coffee.

Citiz - The Citiz is a premium looking machine. It offers two cup sizes, Espresso and Lungo, and it heats to temperature in just 25 seconds. It also has the automatic switch-off, and depending on the model that you buy, you can also receive an Aeroccino system that makes it even easier to create milk froth for more advanced coffee recipes.

Prodigio - The Prodigio sits at the top end of the Krups Nespresso machine range. It is the first Bluetooth model, enabling you to control your coffee making from an app on your phone. The water heats up in 25 seconds, and the Prodigio includes features like automatic and timed coffee brewing, capsule stock management, and you even receive updates to your mobile or tablet device, informing you when it is time to maintain your Nespresso machine.


Aeroccino - The Aeroccino is a standalone milk frother that is included with some Nespresso machines. It makes frothing milk easier, allowing you to create cappuccinos and other coffee recipes, quickly and easily. The accessory is very easy to use - simply add milk and press the button. The Aeroccino silently creates whisked milk that you can use to create cappuccino and other coffees.

What Nespresso Machine To Buy?

To choose the best Nespresso machine, you should consider everything from the size of the water tank and the machine itself, to the additional features. If you want to create great tasting cappuccinos, then opt for a deal that includes the Aeroccino accessory. If space or budget are your main consideration, then a small device like the Pixie still enables you to enjoy great coffee without taking up too much room or costing too much money.

What Nespresso Machine Has Bluetooth?

The Prodigio is the first Nespresso machine to incorporate Bluetooth. Install the app and it opens up a world of new features. You can time your brew making, have your coffee machine message you to let you know when the water tank is getting close to empty, and you can use the app to manage your capsule stock. Never run out of coffee pods or miss out on a great tasting coffee again.

What Nespresso Machine Is Best For Lattes?

A number of the Nespresso machines can be used to make great tasting coffee recipes including lattes. The CitiZ, with the Aeroccino accessory, offers the best latte making experience. It enables the brewing of gusto brews, as well as espresso, and you can warm and whish milk using the Aeroccino.

Nespresso machines are ideal for those that want the taste of a proper coffee, but don't have the time or the desire to brew one from fresh. They are very easy to use; simply add the pod, press the button, and wait for your coffee. They only make a cup at a time, but this prevents waste, and some of the quickest heating units can provide a great tasting cup of coffee in a matter of a minute or two. The design, small worktop footprint, and the convenience of Nespresso coffee machines is what makes them such a popular option.

The ECookShop Nespresso Machine Sale

Buy a Nespresso machine from ECookShop and enjoy free delivery on all orders over �50. We have a wide variety of Nespresso Krups machines, including the conveniently small Pixie, the Bluetooth enabled Prodigio, and the latte making Citiz. Call us today to ask any questions you have about the machines, or order through our secure online ordering system. Alternatively, you can call into Dawson's Department Store to see our full range and selection of Nespresso coffee machines and other kitchenware and appliances.

Nespresso Coffee Machines Reviews
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