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Sabatier Knives
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Sabatier Knives

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Sabatier knives are often listed among the best kitchen knife sets, and they are used by professional chefs as well as keen home cooks. A Sabatier knife set includes every kitchen knife you will need, ranging from the multi-functional chef knife to specific knives like bread knives. They are forged from high quality stainless steel, and all components including the rivets that fix the handle to the blade, are manufactured and chosen for their durability and strength. There is a surprisingly broad range of knife types and blade styles available, and you can also buy a Sabatier knife block in which you can safely and conveniently store all your knives to prevent them becoming damaged or lost.

Sabatier Knives
V Sabatier Carving Fork V Sabatier Carving Fork

V Sabatier Carving Fork

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Richardson Sheffield 9 Piece Cucina Knife Block Set

Richardson Sheffield 9 Piece Cucina Knife Block Set

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Richardson Sheffield 5 Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Richardson Sheffield 5 Piece Kitchen Knife Set

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Free delivery on orders over £50

Good knives make a big difference to the cooking experience. They make it easier to prepare food, and by using the right knife for the job you can ensure that your cutting and chopping is safer and easier. Sharpening and caring for your knives means that they will last longer, and will continue to offer stress free use throughout their life.

Buy Sabatier knives from ECookShop and enjoy free delivery to any UK address on all orders over 50. You can call one of our team and ask any questions you have about Sabatier knife sets, or call in to Dawsons Department Store and have a look at the full range of kitchenware and cookware items that we have for sale.

Blade Construction
When buying knives, you need to consider the type of steel and the method of construction that are used in its manufacture. Some metals are more durable and longer lasting than others. Stainless steel is generally considered the best material for this purpose, because it is strong, can be sharpened using a sharpening blade, and it won't easily bend, break, or snap. It can also be washed and used with water without it rusting or becoming corroded.

All Sabatier knife sets are designed to last. They are constructed from stainless steel, most sets include a sharpening blade, and they also normally include a knife block for convenience and to help ensure that you don't misplace or lose any of the items in the set.

Handles are riveted to provide strength and quality, stainless steel is chosen because of its strength and durability, and you can enjoy a lifetime of stress free use from your new Sabatier knives.

Blade Styles
When choosing a knife set, consider the types of knife that are in the block.
The chef's knife is an all-purpose knife that is used for the vast majority of cutting, shopping, and slicing jobs. The side of the blade is wide so that it can be used to crush garlic and the gently sloping blade means that it can be used to cut in a rocking motion. The standard blade length for this type of knife is 8 inches, but you can buy chef knives that range from 6 to 12 inches.

The bread knife is designed for the very specific purpose of cutting bread. The blade is long so that you can saw back and forth, rather than having to press down on the bread, and the blade is usually serrated or fluted so that it saws through bread without you having to crush the loaf and struggle to force a sharp blade through.

The slicing knife is often preferred over the chef's knife because it allows for more accurate slicing while still being strong and sharp enough to be able to cut through virtually any item.

Utility knives are another utility knife that are found in a lot of modern knife sets. They are 18 inches in length, and this allows the user to cut through almost any item in a single stroke, rather than having to keep cleaving away.

The paring knife has a shorter blade than the slicing knife and much shorter than the chef's knife. While it is most commonly used for peeling and coring, it can serve a number of other beneficial uses.

The cleaver is a heavy-duty and heavy knife. It has a much wider blade than the chef's knife and is usually 6 inches long. It is strong and powerful enough that it can be used to cut through bone, as well as meat, but a lot of chefs use this type of knife to easily cut through fruit and vegetables too.

Other styles of knife include boning knives, serrated utility knives, and the santoku knife. Choose the set that includes all the styles of knife that you need, and don't forget the importance of a good sharpening steel. The sharpening steel allows you to maintain your own knives, and sharpen them by removing a very small amount of the metal from the edge of the blade.

Are Sabatier Knives Dishwasher Safe?
You should check the care instructions for the exact set that you purchase, but as a general rule, Sabatier knives are dishwasher safe. The problem with kitchen knives is that the handles will often warp or discolour, and once this happens they can lose their structural integrity too. As such, you need to check that any knife you have is dishwasher safe before you start cleaning.

How To Sharpen Sabatier Knives
Place the sharpening steel at an angle of around 20 degrees on a cutting board. Place the knife with the blade down at the top of the sharpening steel. Sweep the knife down the sharpening tool and towards you and repeat five to six times for each blade. Serrated knives must be sharpened professionally and not using a sharpening blade.

How To Clean Sabatier Knives
Whether your knives are dishwasher safe or you are cleaning them by hand, you should do so as soon as possible after use. Don't allow them to sit in water for too long, and don't leave the handles wet for too long either.

ECookShop - Sabatier Knives UK
Choose the kitchen knife set that includes the knives, sharpening blade, and knife block that you want for your kitchen purposes. Sabatier and other Amefa knives are high quality, durable, and practical, and they come in different set sizes and configurations. Once you have chosen the knife set you want, you can either purchase directly through our secure, online ordering system, call us for advice, or call in to Dawsons Department Store and take a look at our full range of kitchenware items.

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