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Smart kitchen gadgets are designed and manufactured with very specific purposes in mind. Whether you want to create your own juices and soups, or you're looking for a samosa maker as a gift for the Indian food lover in your life, you can find these and many other smart kitchen appliances.

Kitchen appliances should make some element of kitchen life easier and can help elevate your cooking and preparation efforts to new heights. They also make great gift ideas for the kitchen, food, or drink lover in your life, and while we all have appliances like toasters and kettles, microwaves and blenders or juicers, these are just a tip of the smart gadget iceberg

Smart Pasta Maker

Smart Pasta Maker

Price £179.99

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RRP £199.99 Save - 10%
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Smart Waffle Bowl Red

Smart Waffle Bowl Red

Price £35.99

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RRP £39.99 Save - 10%
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Smart Waffle Bowl Black

Smart Waffle Bowl Black

Price £35.99

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RRP £39.99 Save - 10%
Free delivery on orders over £50
Smart Large Popcorn Buckets Pack Of 6

Smart Large Popcorn Buckets Pack Of 6

Price £3.99

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RRP £9.99 Save - 60%
Free delivery on orders over £50
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Smart gadgets include those items that are used for a specific purpose - for example, bread makers and ice cream makers. Because they are designed for this specific purpose, it means that they have the appropriate features and settings that enable you to get the most out of their use. The modern smart gadget might also offer smart technology that enables you to connect to and use the appliance via your mobile phone or as part of a home automation system.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift idea, or you want a smart kitchen gadget for your own benefit, at ECookShop we have a huge variety of high quality and competitively priced products. Browse our secure site, call in to Dawson's Department Store where you can view our full homeware selection, or call us and speak to one of the team with any questions or queries you have about the products that we sell.

Enhance The Kitchen Experience

Gadgets are designed to make your life easier. They automate or improve a task, compared to completing that task manually. In the case of kitchen gadgets, this can mean performing any task from opening tins and bottles to making popcorn, ice cream, waffles, and other food and drink products.

SMART appliances is a relatively new company, and they have launched a range of consumer friendly appliances for use in the kitchen. They make everything from popcorn makers to fondue fountains and bullet blenders, so whatever you want to prepare in the kitchen, or whatever task you want to simplify, there is a SMART appliance to assist.

Cascading Fondue

The cascading chocolate fondue fountain has three tiers, which are easy to assemble, and makes a great centrepiece for parties, while also making an ideal gadget for nights in when you want to treat yourself to chocolate covered strawberries and other food products.

The heated stainless steel base melts the chocolate, and the liquid chocolate is then pushed back up through the fountain using an auger-fountain system. The three tiers of fountain not only look great but they enable several people to coat their marshmallows, at the same time.

Candy Floss Maker

The Retro Candy Floss Maker takes cotton candy sugar and turns it into candy floss, but it works equally well with hard candy sweets, making it possible to use sugar free sweets to create a great tasting, light candy floss. This smart gadget includes two plastic cones that are used to hold the finished candy floss. The gadget is easy to use, simply turn it on and place your sugar or sweets in the centre receptacle, and then wait for the candy floss to heat up and finish preparation.

Candy floss makers are a great addition to a child's party, but adults can enjoy the great tasting sweet snack just as much.

Waffle Makers

Waffles are a great option for breakfast, desserts, and as a sweet or savoury snack at any time of day. They can be combined with ingredients ranging from sugar or syrup to bacon and mushrooms, or even fruit and yoghurt; everybody has their own favourite waffle combination, and with a smart waffle maker, you can perfect the preparation and cooking of your own favourite recipe.

The waffle maker takes less than four minutes to prepare a light and fluffy waffle. It is a quick and convenient method of preparing the snack. If you already regularly enjoy waffles but are disappointed with the quality of store-bought waffles, or those prepared in the toaster or grill, then the smart waffle maker is an ideal addition to your kitchen.

Popcorn Makers

Popcorn has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, thanks to the introduction and expansion of savoury and gourmet popcorn flavours. If you really like to experiment with unique flavours, the best way to do so is using a popcorn maker. This enables you to add your own sweet or savoury flavouring, and it means that you can prepare your own popcorn whenever you want.

The retro styled popcorn maker comes complete with a measuring spoon. It includes motorised stirring rods which help to prevent sticking and clumping, while the lid of the appliance can be used as a serving bowl. A popcorn maker is another great addition to a child's party but will prove equally popular with adult users too.

Bullet Blenders

A bullet blender is so-called because of the shape of the blender. There are many different bullet blenders on the market, in a variety of wattage outputs, designs, and even sizes. The bullet blender is designed to be fast and efficient. It takes up less worktop space than a coffee mug and it can slice, dice, mix, blend, juice, and more.

The bullet shape of the blender encourages food back into the centre of the bowl, so that all of the ingredients are uniformly blended. SMART claims that the bullet blender will complete virtually any blending job in less than 10 seconds.

The Margorator

The best tasting margaritas are those that have uniformly crushed and shaved ice. It means that you won't be surprised with a stray ice cube, and it means that every mouthful will taste just as great as the last. The Margorator from SMART Appliances utilises dual swivel blades that are used to shave the ice and give the best results possible.

The container itself has been double insulated so in the unlikely event that you don't finish the whole beverage at once, you can leave it in the container where it will stay cold for some time. The machine is easy to move, so it can be transported outside as the perfect barbecue accompaniment or for garden parties.

Grill Pizza Oven

A pizza stone is a luxury that not everybody has access to, but it helps produce the best tasting and best looking pizzas. The stone absorbs moisture, as well as uniformly heating the pizza. This provides the crispy base that is desirable in pizzas, and a revolving pizza stone is incorporated into the SMART grill pizza oven. This red appliance also comes with the tools and accessories that are necessary to make pies and quiches, and there's a viewing window in the lid so that you can check progress of the food without having to open the lid and ruin the cooking environment.

Smart Tunnel Toaster

There are a lot of different designs of toaster, but whether you opt for a 2 slice or 4 slice toaster, it is common to see toast that is browner on one side than the other, or that is untoasted at the top section of the bread that sticks out of the toaster.

With the SMART tunnel toaster, that isn't a problem. You can use any bread product, including bagels and buns, and whatever you place in the toaster is passed slowly through the grilling area so that you can enjoy a uniform toasted area.

Buy Smart Gadgets From ECookShop

SMART gadgets are convenient, save you time, and enable you to produce great results every time you step foot in the kitchen to prepare food and drinks. At ECookShop we stock a wide selection of kitchen appliances and gadgets, as well as tableware to further complement your culinary efforts. Call us, shop online, or call in to Dawson's Department Store where you can view our full catalogue

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