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Tefal Pans Since it was established in 1966, Tefal has developed a reputation for producing high quality, durable, and extremely functional non-stick saucepans and pans. Their thermospot non-stick interiors not only make cooking easier and potentially healthier, but they are easier to clean and maintain, even being dishwasher safe, and they last for years because food and debris does not become ingrained in the metal of the pan.

Despite the quality, Tefal pans are surprisingly inexpensive and they are used in both home kitchens and by professional chefs around the world. The red, thermospot circle in the middle of the pan is not only a distinctive design feature that makes a Tefal saucepan easy to identify, but it is also a functional addition that turns bright red when the pan reaches ideal cooking temperature, so you can be sure that the pan is ready to prepare your eggs, omelettes, steak, or whatever else you choose to cook in these versatile pans.

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Tefal Ingenio Stainless Steel 6 Piece Pan Set

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More About Tefal Pans

As well as producing easy and convenient frying pans, Tefal also produces saucepan sets and even a stewpot, and as well as individual frying pans and saucepans, the company also produces full sets of pans so that you can prepare any food item with the confidence that comes from knowing you are using high quality cookware.

Tefal has even collaborated with celebrated chef Jamie Oliver to produce a line of Jamie Oliver Essential pans, and we have them all at ECookShop. As well as providing you access to a wide range of pots and pans from Tefal, we ensure that our prices are competitive and if you order now we provide free delivery on all orders over �50 to your UK address. ECookShop is the official kitchenware and cookware website of Dawson's Department Store, and our team are always on hand to answer questions or queries so feel free to pick up the phone and call, or call in to Dawson's and see our full range of homeware items.

About Tefal

In 1954, Marc Gregoire was persuaded by his wife to coat her pans in Teflon; something that he had been doing with his fishing gear for years. The pair were so impressed with the results that, two years later, they started producing Teflon coated pans for sale to the public. They were the first manufacturers of Teflon cookware, and they have become renowned for the production of pans that are not only hardwearing and durable but are truly non-stick, easy to maintain, and provide safe and convenient cooking at an affordable price.

Since 1956, the company has continued to innovate and they launch new products and improvements on a regular basis. As well as producing pans, they now produce homeware items like irons and even deep fat fryers. There is barely a room in the house that can't benefit from a Tefal product and its innovative benefits. They are also the company that created the first cordless iron, once again showing their innovation and their dedication to producing high quality homeware items.

The Thermospot

One of the company's innovative addition to drying pans and saucepans is the Thermospot. This convenient addition is the red spot in the centre of the pan. Preheating your pan is the key to making the best dishes, regardless of what you're cooking. It enables you to quickly sear meat and it means that you can cook the ingredients in the pan, fully, and without only warming the main additions.

The thermospot is built into the non-stick coating of the pan. Before the pan is heated up, the pattern on the spot in the centre is easily visible. As the pan heats up, the pattern essentially disappears, and the pattern turns a solid red. When the spot turns red, it means that pan is at the ideal temperature to start cooking. The thermospot is an extremely convenient and simple way of ensuring that you cook meat, omelettes, pancakes, and other items right the first time.

Frying Pans

Frying pans are what Tefal are best known for. The non-stick coating is made of Teflon and it means that you don't have to scrape food off the bottom of the pan. As the name suggests, the non-stick coating prevents anything from sticking to the surface of the pan. Tefal frying pans come in a variety of different sizes from the small 24cm frying pan to the considerably larger 32cm pan.

If you only cook for yourself or you and a partner, the smaller frying pan sizes should be enough, but if you cook for larger groups or if you use a frying pan to prepare a variety of different food types, then you will need a larger pan. You should also consider the size of your hob and cooking surface. If you are limited for space, a large frying pan may encroach on the other hobs and surfaces, making it very difficult to cook full meals in one go.


The Ingenio range of Tefal saucepans uses their patented thermospot technology as well as the Teflon non-stick coating that they have become renowned for. This spot lets you know when the pan has reached ideal cooking temperature while the non-stick coating enables you to more easily prepare food without having to scrape food from the edges.

The Ingenio set has detachable handles, which means that you can place the pans into the oven to finish off any food that you're cooking and the pans can easily handle oven temperatures so you aren't restricted in what you cook, or how. With the handle removed, Ingenio pans, which include those that are suitable for induction cooking, can also be used as attractive serving dishes. By buying the hermetic lids that are available, you can even use the Ingenio pan set to store leftovers in the fridge and the design of the set means that the pans will stack quickly and easily, so they can be stored in the cupboard in a single pile without having to find separate homes for every pan size.

Jamie Oliver Essentials

Tefal has collaborated with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to create the Jamie Oliver Essentials pan set. The set includes pans made from your choice of aluminium, stainless steel, hard anodised, or cast aluminium. All the pans include the innovative and high quality Tefal coating and the thermospot heat indicator in the middle of the pan base. There is serious attention to detail with features like riveted, comfortable handles that are designed to be oven safe so that you can prepare a greater range of food items and dishes using your new pan set.


The Emotion is another range of high quality Tefal saucepans that combines the use of high grade materials with innovative design features. They use 18/10 stainless steel, which is perfectly safe for cooking and dining use. Their extra thick bases will not degrade over time, and their attractive design means that they are a great addition to any kitchen.

Hard Titanium

Hard titanium pans are built to last for years and years. The reinforced titanium base will last twice as long as other Tefal pans, which are already renowned for their durability and longevity. It is also compatible with induction hobs, which only work with ferrous metals. Like all Tefal pans, the hard titanium pans also incorporate the thermospot heat spot in the centre of the pan base.

Buy Tefal Saucepans From ECookShop

Tefal saucepans and frying pans, including the Emotion, Jamie Oliver, and hard titanium ranges, are renowned for their durability and ruggedness, but they are best known for their non-stick coating that means you won't have to scrape food off the pan, and maintaining and cleaning the pans is easier too. At ECookShop, we have a wide range of Tefal pans for sale. We offer competitive rates on all products, and regularly have discounts and offers to further reduce the price. Buy now and receive free delivery on orders over �50, call us with any questions, or call in to Dawson's Department Store where you can view our full range of pans and other cookware and homeware items.

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