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Magimix Nespresso Coffee
With Nespresso Magimix Coffee Machines, you get the best tasting coffee with such simplicity. The Nespresso coffee machines have been designed to uncover the subtle aromas and flav...[read more]
Magimix Blenders
Magimix blenders use a unique BlenderMix system to produce an ultra-fine blend, perfect for soups, smoothies, batters and much more… ...[read more]
Magimix Ice Cream Makers
Magimix Ice Cream Makers ...[read more]
Magimix Juicers
The Magimix Le Duo range offers a truly comprehensive solution for making fruit and vegetable juices. ...[read more]
Magimix Food Processors
Invented by Magimix and manufactured in France, the multifunction food processor has become an invaluable tool for everyday cooking and special gourmet occasions....[read more]
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Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine Vertuo Plus Silver
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Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine Vertuo Plus Black Milk
Now £149.00
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Magimix Ice Cream Maker - White
Now £251.99
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RRP £279.99
Magimix Blender Mill Attachment
Now £45.00
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Magimix Le Mini Plus White Blendermix
Now £169.00
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RRP £169.99
Magimix LE Blender Satin Stainless Steel
Now £179.00
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RRP £180.00
Magimix Power Blender Red
Now £199.00
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RRP £200.00
Magimix Power Blender Cream
Now £199.00
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Magimix Power Blender Black
Now £199.00
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RRP £200.00
Magimix Power Blender Satin
Now £219.00
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RRP £220.00
Magimix LE Blender Premium Black
Now £229.00
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RRP £229.95
Magimix 3200xl Food Processor White
Now £259.00
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RRP £259.99

More About Magimix

It was in France, in the heart of Burgundy, a region noted for its gastronomy, that Magimix invented the food processor 40 years ago.

Magimix products are designed to make life simpler for the serious cook. Most have their roots in professional products designed for commercial use. For this reason they work well and are Built Better to Last Longer. The range combines the best cooking traditions with today’s technology, and is supported by strong domestic use guarantees and after sales service. Thanks to Magimix innovations, the most demanding tasks can be accomplished quickly, easily and quietly.

Magimix is best known for the manufacture and supply of food processors, but in its 40-year history, the company has evolved to include other kitchen appliances and accessories like ice cream makers, Nespresso machines, and more. The Magimix food processor was the first food processor to hit the market, and they are designed for the serious home cook. As such, their products tend to last longer, offer a greater range of beneficial features, and enable users to achieve professional results. The company is renowned for strong after sales support, and their products come with very good domestic use guarantees.

The Magimix timeline is filled with innovations. Not only was the French company the first to produce food processors, but they also invented the first multifunction food processor, the first food processor egg whisk, multi-bowl food processor, kettle with a double insulated metal wall, and see through toaster. It is thanks to these and other innovations that Magimix blenders have become so well-known and so popular.

At ECookShop, we have a large selection of food processors and other food preparation items and appliances. We offer free delivery on all orders over £50 to mainland UK addresses. We also have a team of friendly and helpful assistants who can help ensure that customers buy the best items for their needs.

Magimix Blenders - The Magimix blender is synonymous with the creation of high quality food. It is robust and strong, so will not damage or break easily, and there are various sizes of blender available. You can also choose from a gamut of colours, to match your kitchen or just because you prefer a certain colour. The ultra-fine blend achieved by the Magimix means that you can make great tasting batters, velouté soup, and you can use the blender to create juices and smoothies too.

The recent surge in smoothie and juice popularity means that a lot of people are looking for an effective way to blend fruit and vegetables, retaining the vitamins and minerals, and creating a great tasting drink. The Magimix blender is one such product that affords users exactly that opportunity.

The processor jug is heat and cold resistant, which means that it can be used to prepare both hot and cold foods without having to normalise food temperatures and, despite the fact that Magimix blenders are among some of the most powerful, they are also sleek and silent when operating.

Food Processors - The Magimix food processor is a powerful and convenient kitchen tool that incorporates a host of food processor features, eliminating the need to have multiple accessories and appliances laying around the kitchen and filling the cupboards and drawers. You can dice, shred, blend, chop, and more. You can do all of this using just three buttons; Magimix food processors are incredibly simple to operate, very powerful, and there are extensive guarantees, including a 30-year guarantee on the ultra-quiet induction motor, to give you peace of mind.

Magimix Nespresso - The Nespresso coffee system offers a simple and convenient way to create great tasting coffee without the hassle that it takes to use a traditional coffee machine. Every cup of coffee you craft tastes the same thanks to uniform delivery, and there is a selection of 16 different coffee flavours and styles to choose from.

The Magimix Nespresso lets you choose whether you want a small or large coffee, automating the brewing process. It is designed to be easy to use, and there is a capsule collector that gathers used Nespresso capsules once you've finished making your favourite cup of coffee.

If you're looking for a quick and convenient way to produce consistently great tasting coffee, and you want a stylish and attractive machine from a renowned manufacturer, then the Magimix Nespresso machine is the ideal choice for your coffee making requirements.

Juicers - Fruit and vegetable juices are an ideal way of producing good tasting juices that make it easier to get the vitamins and minerals that they contain. Juicers include SmoothieMix attachments that help you to extract more juice from the fruit, and to retain more of the vitamins and minerals in the juice.

The Magimix juicer is not only created to make juicing easier, and to help create a better tasting and more efficient juice. They are also designed to be easy to clean, with a spatula to make cleaning even easier. All the parts can also be removed and placed in the dishwasher, further improving the cleaning efficiency of these machines.

As with all Magimix mixers and processors, the juicer includes a 3-year warranty and a 30-year warranty on the induction motor.

Magimix Toasters

The innovative Magimix toaster is a see-through toaster, which means that you can check how well toasted your bread is before serving it. It also includes features like energy saving single toasting options.

If you only need to heat a single piece of toast, then you don't have to use all two or four of the heating elements.

The baguette function toasts just a single side which is ideal for bagels and baguettes.

There's also a defrost function that immediately toasts frozen bread, even if it is straight out of the freezer.

The reheat function, which is present on some of the Magimix toasters, reheats previously toasted bread without drying it out and making inedible.

Which Size Magimix Should I Buy?

Magimix processors are made for serious cooks. As such, there is a great selection of sizes available. Even the smaller units will prove big enough for most individual and even family needs, but the larger models like the 5200XL not only allow you to process and mix larger volumes of food, they also enable you to place larger items like potatoes and tomatoes through the larger feeder that is included with these models.

Are Magimix Parts Dishwasher Safe?

Although you should check the instructions with any appliance or accessory that you buy, most Magimix parts are dishwasher safe, which makes them convenient and simple, while also making it much easier to make sure that you have cleaned your Magimix processor properly.

Magimix Offers From ECookShop

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