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Magimix Nespresso Prodigio
Now £89.99
Save 47%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £169.99
La Cafetiere Edited Coffee Grinder 270
Now £35.00
In Stock - green tick Yes
Jura ENA 8 Nordic White Automatic Coffee Machine
Now £975.00
In Stock - green tick Yes
Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine Red
Now £161.95
Save 10%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £179.95
Jura S8 Coffee Machine Moonlight Silver
Now £1,250.00
Save 10%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £1,395.00
Krups Nespresso Vertuo Plus Capsule Coffee Machine
Now £99.99
Save 22%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £129.00
La Cafetiere Edited Coffee Tamper
Now £30.00
In Stock - green tick Yes
KitchenAid Artisan Espresso Machine Medallion Silver
Now £299.00
Save 57%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £689.00
Sage The Barista Express Black Sesame
Now £399.00
Save 33%
Availability - 3-5 Days
RRP £599.95
KitchenAid Artisan Nespresso Maker With Aeroccino - Empire Red
Now £319.94
Save 8%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £349.00
Sage The Barista Touch
Now £739.00
Save 26%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £999.95
Melitta Look IV Therm White Filter Coffee Machine (1011-11) FREE PACK OF 80 FILTER PAPERS!
Now £62.99
Save 10%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £69.99
Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine Black
Now £161.95
Save 10%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £179.95
Melitta Barista TS SMART Black Bean To Cup Coffee Machines (F85/0-102) FREE 1KG BAG OF MELITTA COFFEE BEANS
Now £799.00
Save 33%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £1,199.99
Melitta Aromafresh Grind and Brew
Now £164.99
In Stock - green tick Yes
Cuisinart Grind And Brew Auto 12 Cup Glass Carafe
Now £97.90
Save 11%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £110.00
Melitta Molino Electrical Coffee Grinder
Now £39.00
Save 22%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £49.99
Bonavita Wide Based Porcelain Immersion Drip
Now £17.50
Save 50%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £34.99
Cuisinart Veloce Fully Automatic Coffee Machine
Now £599.99
In Stock - green tick Yes
Melitta Caffeo Solo Silver Black Bean To Cup Coffee Machine FREE 1KG BAG OF MELITTA COFFEE BEANS
Now £289.00
Save 28%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £399.99
Jura E8 Coffee Machine Piano Black
Now £739.00
Save 33%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £1,095.00
KitchenAid Artisan Espresso Machine Empire Red
Now £334.99
Save 50%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £669.00
Cuisinart One Cup Grind And Brew Coffee Machine
Now £50.00
Save 50%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £100.00
Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine Cream
Now £287.95
Save 10%
Availability - 3-5 Days
RRP £319.95
Sage The Precision Brewer Stainless Steel
Now £249.95
In Stock - green tick Yes
Sage The Temp Control
Now £24.95
Save 11%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £27.95
La Cafetiere Coffee Grinder Copper
Now £26.00
In Stock - green tick Yes

More about Coffee Machines

Browse our range of coffee machines including bean to cup, pod/capsules and filter machines. We also stock a range of coffee grinders and coffee accessories.

Coffee Machines

Approximately 2 billions cups of coffee are consumed every day around the world, with the UK responsible for 55 million of those cups. Tea might be considered the national hot drink, but we Brits still love our coffee, and a big reason for the increase in popularity is the availability of good quality coffee machines and high quality coffee.

The range of coffee making options available includes cafetieres, bean to cup machines, pod machines, and filter coffee machines. You can also buy coffee grinders to create your own grind, milk frothers to make the frothy milk needed for cappuccinos and other coffee based drinks, and consumables like paper filters and, of course, coffee, in its various guises.

At ECookShop we have a large selection of coffee machines, grinders, frothers, and coffee making accessories. We supply machines from some of the biggest and most widely respected brands including Dualit, Magimix, KitchenAid, and Smeg. We ensure our prices are competitive, offer regular discounts and sales, and we also offer free delivery on all orders valued over £50. Whether you enjoy filter coffee, flat white, or latte, we have the coffee machines and accessories for you as well as the great tasting coffee to place in the machine.


The cafetiere offers flexibility and portability. Simply add the amount of ground coffee you require, pour hot water over and then let it infuse, before gradually plunging the wire plunger. Typically made from Pyrex glass, a cafetiere will keep your coffee warm for some time, it can be carried to the table and poured from there, and you can make enough coffee to fill several mugs. Different sizes of cafetiere are available, and its portability means that you can even take it away when you go on holiday so you never have to do without your chosen pick-me-up.

Bean To Cup Machines

Bean to cup coffee machines do everything you need them to, and arguably offer the most complete coffee experience. They grind beans into ground coffee and will deliver coffee at the press of a button. They can be used to make any style of coffee from an Americano to a Cappuccino and because they use beans, rather than ground coffee, they deliver the freshest coffee taste possible by cutting out one of the manufacturing processes. Advanced models even froth the milk for you, so you literally only have to choose the style of coffee that you want and the machine will do everything for you. Enjoy great tasting coffee without the hassle of burring, stirring, and whirring the contents.

This convenience does tend to come at a cost, with bean to cup machines being the most expensive of all coffee machines. However, they negate the need to have to buy separate grinders, frothers, and other accessories, and they really do create a cup of coffee that tastes as though it has come straight from the coffee shop barista.

This type of machine takes the most cleaning, because it is necessary to clean the grinder, frother, and the coffee making elements of the machine, but if you're serious about recreating great coffee then this is the option for you.

Coffee Pod Machines

Coffee pod machines are ideal if you like the taste of proper coffee but don't want the hassle of measuring and tamping your own coffee. Choose from a range of pods, or capsules, that are compatible with your chosen coffee pod machine, insert the pod, and press the button for almost instant coffee production. Some machines even allow you to preload cartridges and use a mobile phone app to start the coffee making process. You can have a cup of coffee freshly prepared and ready for you as you get out of bed. What better way to start the day?

If you are looking for convenience then capsule machines are perfect. They are easy to maintain, requiring very little clean up, some models include a built-in milk frother, and the range of beans has increased considerably since their first launch. The pod machine itself can be inexpensive if you shop carefully, but you will end up paying more for the coffee itself when buying pods.

Filter Coffee Machines

The filter coffee machine is a simple machine. It drips hot water through ground coffee and into a cup or jug waiting below. The jug is typically kept warm on a hot plate, and you can make enough coffee for several cups, which means that you can make enough to last and keep it warm on the plate.

This type of machine is ideal if you regularly make coffee for several people or if you just want a relatively simple but great tasting cup of coffee. Percolators make stronger coffee, because pressure builds up and pushes water through the ground coffee; the more often the water is passed through the coffee, the stronger it gets.

The filter coffee machine is not typically used for making espressos or cappuccinos, so it is rare to find one with a built-in frother, and you will need a separate coffee bean grinder.

Coffee Grinders

Ground coffee comes in many styles and strengths, but the true aficionado will tell you that you need to be grinding your own beans rather than using preground. It gives you greater flexibility to create the level of grind you desire, and it reduces the manufacturing and storage processes so you get coffee beans fresher than you would with pre-ground or pods. Whatever type of coffee machine you have, it is possible to use your own ground coffee, but you may need to buy a separate grinder.

A blade grinder is a simple coffee grinder. It uses a blade to cut through the beans, but this technique also means that you will be left with boulders and hitting a consistent grind quality relies on nothing more than timing. They are a cheap option, however, and are accessible for beginners. They offer a great place to start a more advanced relationship with your coffee.

A burr grinder crushes, rather than slices. You will still get some boulders, but they are less common, and it is easier to get a better consistency of coffee grind. Choose between conical and flat coffee grinders, according to your preference and budget, and create exactly the type of ground coffee you like.


At ECookShop we not only have a selection of coffee machines and grinders, but a range of accessories to further improve your coffee experience. Accessories include items like capsule holders and dispensers, replacement carafes, and also thermal mugs to keep your coffee warmer for longer.

Cleaning Kits

Cleaning your coffee maker is a necessary evil. If you don't adequately clean the machine, it will negatively impact the flavour of your coffee and can cause blockages and spills. The longer you leave it, the more difficult a job it will become. A cleaning kit includes the brushes and other accessories that enable you to get to all necessary components of the coffee machine and make cleaning a simpler process.

Milk Frothers

Some styles of coffee, including cappuccinos and flat whites, require the addition of frothed, warm milk. A milk frother basically fires air through small holes in the nozzle, into the milk. By moving the frother nozzle around in the milk, the hot air not only applies the froth that you need for advanced coffee types, but can also warm the milk up, which is important if you want a warmer cup of coffee than your coffee machine usually delivers.


As well as the machine and accessories, there are certain consumables that might be needed for the regular operation of your coffee machine. Paper filters are used in certain filter coffee machines, and you need to buy the coffee to make your favourite drink. At ECookShop we have a large selection of coffee pods, as well as filters and other consumables, that enable you to create the perfect cup of coffee every time you want one.

Buy Coffee Machines And Accessories From ECookShop

At ECookShop, we understand how important a good cup of coffee is. We stock coffee machines including bean to cup, filter coffee machines, and pod coffee machines. We also have frothers and grinders, filters and coffee pods. Take a look at our selection, have a look at the coffee machines and accessories we have on sale, and buy using our secure website. If you spend more than £50, we will deliver your order free of charge to your UK address. Alternatively, give us a call with any questions, or call in to Dawson's Department Store in Clitheroe to see our full collection of homeware, including kitchenware and tableware items.