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Le Creuset Clearance Sale
For nearly a century, Le Creuset has produced premium cast iron cookware. Their products are trusted the world over, favoured for their superior performance and lasting designs. To this day, Le Creuset cast all their products at the Fresnoy le Grand foundry....[read more]
Le Creuset Salt And Pepper Mills
Le Creuset are best known for the production of cast iron cocottes and their stunning range of stoneware bakeware, but they also produce a wide range of kitchen and table accessories. The Le Creuset salt and pepper mills, as well as spice grinder, are just som...[read more]
Le Creuset TNS Cookware
Stylish design coupled with superb cooking results feature in the NEW Toughened Non-Stick range from Le Creuset. Its tough, effective non-stick surface and special hard-anodised body combine to create a versatile and long-lasting pan which is ideal for everyda...[read more]
Le Creuset Wine Accessories
Le Creuset's new range of Wine Accessories ...[read more]
Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware
French company Le Creuset has been manufacturing high quality cast iron cookware for nearly 100 years. With some care and routine maintenance, it is possible for items like the Le Creuset cast iron casserole dish or the Le Creuset cast iron skillet, to last fo...[read more]
Le Creuset Textiles
Le Creuset textiles are the perfect accompaniment to their cookware, all are made from the finest materials and will retain their colour even in the most demanding kitchens
Featuring a special nylon barrier between the layers of insulation, ensuring maximum...[read more]
Le Creuset Stoneware
Le Creuset stoneware is high quality cookware made from glazed ceramic clay. Items include the popular casserole dish, the versatile baking dishes, and many more. With nearly 100 years' experience producing reliable kitchenware items, Le Creuset's experience s...[read more]
Le Creuset Dinnerware
The Le Creuset Dinnerware range is crafted from premium-quality Stoneware and finished in a durable, protective glaze for long-lasting performance. ...[read more]
Le Creuset Mugs
If you are looking for Le Creuset mugs at a fantastic price, then you have come to the right place. At eCookshop, we have an unparalleled range of Le Creuset mugs and a range of tempting offers. All of the products in our Le Creuset mugs sale are brand new. Th...[read more]
Le Creuset Bakeware
Le Creuset Bakeware - professional non-stick bakeware that provides a lifetime of unrivalled performance and delicious results. Le Creuset Bakeware features a durable, PFOA-free, non-stick coating with outstanding food release qualities, and is easy to clean. ...[read more]
Le Creuset Signature Stainless Steel
Featuring the iconic Le Creuset three-ring design on each lid and with a gleaming, mirror-polished finish our Signature Stainless Steel cookware range is both beautiful and practical. It’s 3 layer construction cooks evenly and gently for delicious results. ...[read more]
Le Creuset Breakfast Collection
Le Creuset was founded in 1925 by two Belgian designers. For nearly 100 years they have been producing cast iron, and, later, stoneware kitchen and dining room products. All of their items are designed to be strong and sturdy, and they are manufactured to last...[read more]
Le Creuset Kettles
Le Creuset have been manufacturing high quality cookware for nearly 100 years, and Le Creuset kettles are one of their most popular lines. These stove top kettles are made from enamelled steel, so they offer high health and safety levels as well as uniform hea...[read more]
Le Creuset Petite Casseroles
These Petite Stoneware round casseroles enable you to bake charming individual portions while entertaining your guests. Try individual gratins, soufflés, sponge cakes, chocolate mousse or crumbles. They are also the perfect size for accenting a table with dip...[read more]
Le Creuset 3 Ply Stainless Steel
The Le Creuset 3-ply Stainless Steel range is made using the latest multi-layering technology where stainless steel and aluminium are bonded together to form the special 3-ply material. A core of aluminium is sandwiched between two layers of premium grade sta...[read more]
Le Creuset Silicone Tools
Whatever your task in the kitchen you will do it much better with a Le Creuset silicone tool to help you. ...[read more]
Le Creuset Spare Parts
Le Creuset has nearly 100 years' experience in producing and supplying top quality cookware. The foundry was built in Fresnoy-le-Grande in 1925 to take advantage of local trade routes, and the company has expanded considerably in the 90 plus years it has been ...[read more]
Le Creuset Heart Collection
As adorable as they are useful - the Heart collection from Le Creuset show on the outside all the love and effort invested on the meal inside.

These heart shaped dishes add charm to anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine's Day dinners. ...[read more]
Le Creuset Promotional Offers
Le Creuset Promotional Offers ...[read more]
About Le Creuset Cookware

At eCookshop.co.uk we are an authorised Le Creuset retailer. We are proud to say that we stock a large range of products in our Clitheroe and Skipton based department stores and online.

Our collection includes all of Le Creuset's most popular products, such as stainless steel pans, stoneware and Le Creuset cast iron pots.

We also stock a huge range of Le Creuset accessories, including mugs, silicone tools, preserve jars and textiles. For the highest level of customer service and the latest Le Creuset products, shop eCookshop.co.uk.

About Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset is a French manufacturer of cast iron cookware, as well as stainless steel and stoneware products for the kitchen and the dining room. As well as being trusted by individual buyers, the brand is also used in commercial and professional kitchens. From saucepans to kettles and from breakfast sets to knives, Le Creuset manufactures everything you need for the kitchen. The attractive looks of Le Creuset products mean that they are ideal as gift solutions for family members and loved ones too. Accessories like mugs, tools, and textiles also make great gift ideas. They are available in a wide range of colours and styles, including the now iconic volcanic orange design, allowing to you to buy gifts for existing Le Creuset owners that match existing collections and pieces. Getting the right kitchenware means greater convenience while you're cooking and preparing food. It may not turn you into an expert chef, but it can help improve the cooking experience and it can also help to improve the result of your cooking exploits. Good quality products will also last longer, which means that you can save money when compared to having to buy new casserole dishes or pans every year. They are also easier to clean, more resistant to chips and physical damage, and great looking design means that you can proudly display your kitchenware when you have guests to the house. In fact, Le Creuset casserole dishes are called cocottes, and these are designed specifically for both cooking and serving food in, which means bringing your dish to the table to show it off and to make it more convenient when serving dinner. ECookShop is the official website of Dawson's Department Store. We have a large selection of cookware and kitchenware from the French manufacturers, at competitive rates. We ensure that all products arrive in the same great condition they leave us in, and we provide free delivery on all orders over £50 so you can enjoy even better prices on your orders.

About Le Creuset

The volcanic orange colour that is synonymous with Le Creuset products was based on the colour of the molten iron that was used to create every single pot. However, this is far from the only colour available. There are now more than 100 colours available in different countries around the world, ranging from bright colours like volcanic orange to soft, pastel colours. More than 300 million Le Creuset products have now been manufactured, showing the popularity of this incredible brand. Le Creuset can be found in the kitchen of celebrity chefs and in some of the biggest and best-known kitchens. They are also likely to be found in the home kitchens of some of your friends and family, such is their popularity.

Le Creuset History

Le Creuset was founded in 1925 by Armand Desaegher and Octave Aubecq, who met the previous year at the Brussels Fair. The foundry was built in Fresnoy-Le-Grande in Aisne, France. The location was chosen because of its access to trade routes that would bring coal, iron, and other base materials for the production of their new products. The first Le Creuset cocotte was manufactured. The foundry was close to the front lines during World War II, and this meant that it was occupied by German forces. However, at the end of the war, the foundry started up production of cast iron kitchenware once again. They introduced a host of enamel colours and ramped up production levels, especially for exporting abroad. The company has innovated throughout the years, since its inception. They launched a Grill model of their cocotte called the Tostador in 1955, followed by their first fondue set in 1962. In the following decades, the brand modernised its foundry and manufacturing processes. They launched their products to an increasing number of countries around the world, and have continued to expand their products and their reach in the 21st Century.

The Cocotte

The Cocotte, or the Le Creuset casserole was the product that launched the brand. It still takes 120 hours of work in order to create one of the cast iron pots. Every piece is unique with each mould being used only once and then thrown away immediately afterwards. The cocotte is also known as a Dutch Oven, or simply a casserole dish. Le Creuset casserole dishes can be used to stew, braise, bake and even boil. The high quality cast iron used in their production means that they will last for years, and there are reports of some of the very first cocottes made by the company still in use today. Once the cast iron pots have been cast, they receive two coats of enamel that help ensure that the pan heats more evenly.

Other Le Creuset Pans

As well as the cast iron casserole dishes that fired the brand into global recognition, Le Creuset also offers ranges of stainless steel pans, and cookware manufactured from a host of other materials. 3 ply stainless steel pans are durable, look modern, and they come in different sizes making them ideal for boiling and preparing any of a host of different dishes and meals. Whatever materials they're made from, Le Creuset pans offer the same high quality and durability.

The Breakfast Set

The breakfast set incorporates pieces including cafetierres, cups or mugs, teapots, and even a Le Creuset butter dish. All of these items come in the same great range of colours as their other items, so if you want a butter dish or bowls to match your volcanic orange casserole dish, you can buy them from Le Creuset via ECookShop. These sets are a great way to make sure that you start your day right. Enjoy your favourite cup of tea or coffee in the morning, use your Le Creuset frying pan to prepare an English breakfast, and spread your toast using butter from your Le Creuset butter dish.

Silicone Tools

The iconic brand specialises in many forms of kitchenware, not just pans and cookware. They provide silicone tools, such as the cool tray, which provides you somewhere safe to put your casserole dish or other pan once you take it off the heat. Spatulas, basting brushes, and spoon spatulas are just some of the other items that they also manufacture and that you can buy for your kitchen and dining room experience.


A good knife can greatly improve your food preparation experience. High quality blades stay sharper for longer, and they excel at the specific job that they are designed for. Le Creuset knives come with wooden handles or stainless steel handles. There are santoku, bread, chef's, and vegetable knives, as well as a knife sharpener to help keep your knife sets in top condition.


A recent addition to the Le Creuset range is a line of textile kitchenware products. The textile range is a colourful collection of items like oven gloves and aprons. The high quality pieces are made to protect from the heat, to protect your clothes or hands, and they come in a variety of colours that are similar to those of Le Creuset's cast iron pots.

ECookShop Le Creuset Sale

Le Creuset is one of the best known cookware and kitchenware brands. They have a huge selection of items, including the now iconic casserole dishes, as well as individual pans and Le Creuset pan set collections. They also now sell kitchenware and other items, including a textile range of oven gloves and aprons. All their products are made from high grade materials, including cast iron and 3-ply stainless steel. ECookShop is the official kitchenware website of Dawson's Department Store based in Clitheroe. Call in to see our full collection of products, including Le Creuset casserole dishes and other items. Call us with any questions you have about any of the products on our site, or shop using our secure online system. We offer free delivery on all orders over £50 so you can be assured of great quality items at competitive prices.