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Denby Pottery Denby Pottery is a traditional manufacturer of pottery and stoneware items. Originally launched in 1809, the company is named after the village of Denby in Derbyshire where the company is based.

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Denby Truffle Tea Saucer (narrow rim)

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RRP £7.80

Denby Fire Green Saucer

Now £1.80
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RRP £9.00

Denby Truffle Layers Rimmed Teasaucer

Now £2.80
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RRP £14.00

Denby Truffle Layers Espresso Saucer

Now £1.70
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RRP £8.50

Royal Worcester Peony Black - Teacup and Saucer

Now £7.99
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RRP £25.50

Royal Worcester Peony Black - Teapot

Now £19.99
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RRP £59.00

Royal Worcester Peony Black - Soup/Cereal Bowl

Now £4.99
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Denby Cherry Ramekin Set Of 4

Now £9.99
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RRP £25.99

Royal Worcester Peony Blue Dessert/Salad Plate

Now £5.99
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RRP £15.50

Denby Cherry Mini Casserole Set Of 2

Now £9.99
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RRP £24.00

Royal Worcester Peony Black - Dinner Plate

Now £7.99
Save 57%
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RRP £18.50

Royal Worcester Peony Blue Dinner Plate

Now £7.99
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RRP £18.50

More About Denby Pottery

Most early pieces were functional stoneware, although they did make decorative hunting jugs. More recently, the company has added glassware to its collection of Denby pottery and tableware. They also incorporated metal items like cutlery and cooking utensils at around the same time. Today, Denby Pottery retains its traditional stoneware values and British design, while offering a full catalogue of stone and glass kitchen and dining items.

From Denby dinnerware to discontinued Denby lines, ECookShop has a large selection of products that are ideal for everyday use or for special occasions. We offer free delivery on all orders valued over 50. Buy tableware and dinnerware sets for family dining, for entertaining, or as a beautiful and heartfelt gift. Our Denby outlet catalogue includes popular ranges like Halo and Monsoon, as well as cutlery and glassware.

Denby Tableware

The first step when buying Denby Pottery is to determine the type of item or collection that you're looking for. Tableware sets include plates and bowls, teapots, cups, and other accessories. You can buy individual items, as a replacement, or you can mix and match items from different sets in order to create a unique and attractive dining set.

Sets like the Denby Halo range include Asian sets and takeaway sets. These are designed for very specific purposes, and they include every piece that you need in order to be able to enjoy your favourite takeaway or a full Asian meal. Individually, you can buy cereal bowls, salad plates, and extra items to really complete your dining set.


All Denby items are safe for use in the oven and the freezer, as well as in the dishwasher and even the microwave. They are functional and very beneficial items, and the cookware range incorporates stainless steel items like a roasting tray with rack, as well as cast iron and ceramic dishes.

All Denby Pottery products are built to last. Whether they are bone china, stoneware, or cast iron, they will withstand everyday use and they can be used to cook using a selection of heating sources. Choose from casserole dishes, roasting trays, and from a selection of bakeware cupcake trays and loaf tins; perfect whether you are preparing a roast dinner for the family or a full meal selection for a party.


Like the cookware selection, Denby mugs come in a selection of materials. Stoneware mugs are bulky; ideal for those that like a heavy and comforting mug. Bone china mugs are lightweight; while they feel delicate, however, they will withstand regular use so are ideal for the regular tea drinker. All mugs and cups from all the ranges are dishwasher safe, so you don't even need to clean them by hand.

Denby Glassware

Denby added glassware to its growing catalogue at the start of the 21st Century. The array of glasses, flutes, and tumblers have been designed to complement the company's dinnerware and tableware sets. Like all other Denby Pottery products, they are dishwasher safe making them a convenient and functional addition to your kitchen or dining room. Champagne flute sets, whiskey tumbler sets, and wine glass sets are also great gift ideas for those that enjoy the finer things in life.

Denby Discontinued Lines

With new products and lines being launched on a regular basis, there is a huge collection of discontinued Denby items for sale. Check out our Denby discontinued line to find replacement items for those that have broken, or to extend your existing tableware sets. Alternatively, you can pick up a real bargain on full sets while still enjoying some stunning looking dining items.

Cutlery, Placemats, And Other Items

No dining set is complete without items like cutlery, while an attractive looking dining set can be completely ruined if you don't pay attention to the place settings and table decorations. Even the quality of the cutlery that you use to set the places will have an impact. You can buy everything you need to create beautiful looking place settings from ECookShop. We are an official Denby outlet and, as well as offering competitive prices on all products, we also provide free delivery on orders over 50.

Gift Ideas

Denby ware isn't just suitable for use in your own home, or for your own events. The quality and beautiful looks of all the items and collections means that they make exceptional gift ideas. When buying a gift, you should obviously choose items that best match their tastes and preferences. Consider their existing tableware and kitchenware items, the type of stoneware items that they already own, and whether they have asked for pieces from particular sets.

Champagne flutes, whiskey tumbler sets, and sets of other glasses make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. A dining set is perfect for a house warming or wedding gift. New mugs, cups, or cookware make heartfelt birthday gifts.

Everyday Use

All items from Denby Pottery come with a 10 year guarantee. They are made from high grade materials, including fully vitrified stoneware, bone china, and fine china. They can be placed in the dishwasher, and their strength means that even the fine china pieces will withstand everyday use. The dinnerware range is suitable for everyday use, and for all meal times. The cookware range is obviously designed to be used in the oven and a lot of the pieces are microwave safe too.

Dinnerware Occasions

You can also buy occasion ware. Whether you're planning a large family meal, the perfect Christmas dinner table, or want place settings for any other event, Denby China and stoneware pieces are perfect for these and events of any scale.

ECookShop Denby UK

ECookShop is a Denby outlet, providing access to competitively priced stoneware, glassware, and diningware item. We have access to the very latest products from the pottery, as well as discontinued lines and some of the most popular current pieces. Buy today and enjoy free delivery on all orders over 50.