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Dualit, established in 1946, manufactures a selection of coffee machines, pods and filters for coffee making. They also manufacture highly desirable toasters an...[read more]

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Dualit Lite Jug Kettle Grey

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Dualit, established in 1946, manufactures a selection of coffee machines, pods and filters for coffee making. They also manufacture highly desirable toasters and other small appliances for the kitchen, including the kettle – the mainstay in most kitchens. Most of use the kettle multiple times over the space of a day. We boil water to make tea and coffee, for food preparation, and for cleaning the kitchen and kitchenware items.

With such frequent use, it is important that you choose a high-quality kettle, and one that meets your needs. Choose the right size, opt for a model and design that best suits your kitchen décor and style, and consider whether you want a matching set of kettle and toaster. Dualit kettles come in different shapes and sizes, so you really can find the style that best matches your tastes.

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The kettle is a kitchen appliance that we use on a regular basis. We boil water for use in making cups of tea and coffee. We also use boiling water in the preparation of food items like vegetables and for making stock. Many of us also use boiling water to clean surfaces, in order to ensure that bacteria are properly killed. With such heavy use, buying a poor-quality kettle can be a false economy. They tend to be cheap, but they may also only last for a few months. Buying a well-designed and high-quality kettle means that you can enjoy years of stress free use from your water boiler. What’s more, higher quality kettles tend to incorporate additional features and extra settings, which means that you can enjoy using the kettle even more. Dualit kettles are well made, reliable, long-lasting, and they incorporate some excellent features to make your life in the kitchen even easier. Dualit

Dualit was established in 1945 by Max Gort-Barten and the company’s first product was that of an electric heater. The heater was unique because it deflected heat effectively around two sections of a room. In this respect, it stood to reason that the company would branch out, and they used similar heating elements and methods in the creation of their innovative toasters and kettles.

The classic toaster is the product that has become synonymous with the Dualit brand. Its armour-plated elements meant that it lasted for years without becoming badly damaged or breaking down. In the 1960s, the British company developed additional products and added to their homeware range.

Today, they produce items that include coffee machines and accessories, as well as kettles and toasters, and as well as being able to buy items individually, you can also buy sets that include both kettle and toaster – the perfect collection to enable you to start the day right every day.

The Domus

The Domus is a 1.5L capacity kettle. It has a swivel base and the kettle itself is cordless, which means that you can move the kettle around the kitchen as you use it. The silicone handle is heat proof, so it will be comfortable and safe to use, no matter what the temperature of the water inside. It also has a wide mouth and large handle which makes it easy to open, easy to fill, and easy to pour out the water. The classic chrome finish and black silicone means that the design of the Domus kettle will fit in any kitchen or any other room where you might need a kettle.

The Classic

The Dualit Classic kettle is a large capacity kettle with a stunning, classic design. It will hold up to 1.7 litre of water. It even has a replaceable element, which means that you don’t have to replace the whole kettle if the element breaks down or becomes less efficient as it ages. It is so quiet, it has even won awards for its silent operation, and is the quietest kettle that Dualit makes, and one of the quietest kettles we have ever tested. The 3KW boiling element means that you can quickly heat water from cold to boiling so you won’t be hanging around the worktop waiting to make your morning cup of coffee. The Classic Kettle includes a water measure with volume of water measured in litres as well as a measure for cups of water, making it a convenient option.

The Dome

The Dome kettle is a surprisingly high capacity kettle and another Dualit kettle that benefits from classic looks. The shiny chrome finish and black features make it a classic in design and allow it to be used in any décor. It has a 1.7L capacity, which should be more than enough for any standard use, allowing you to boil all the water you need in a single go, and without having to come back to boil more. The Dome also features the 3KW boiling element that is found in the Classic, for quick water boiling.

Coffee Machines

Dualit makes excellent quality kettles, that are quiet and that heat water quickly, but this isn’t all the British company manufactures. They have become very well known for their manufacture of coffee machines and the coffee consumables that are required to make a great tasting cup of coffee. This includes items like milk frothers, and they make and sell a cafetiere which offers a simple, convenient, and inexpensive means of making filter coffee. At ECookShop, we not only stock kettles for boiling water, we also offer coffee machines and other accessories.


We use a kettle throughout the day to make cups of tea and coffee and for other situations where boiling water is necessary. It is especially useful at breakfast time when we want a hot cup of coffee as a pick me up. Why not buy a matching toaster so that you can prepare your coffee and toast, and be ready to face the world with a full stomach? The toaster was the first kitchenware item that Dualit made, after finding success manufacturing the dual heater. There is a great range of designs and styles, and you can also find matching kettle and toaster sets that allow you to buy everything you need for the kitchen without having to shop for individual items.

Buy Dualit Kettles And Other Products From ECookShop

ECookShop loves the Dualit brand. They developed a reputation for the quality of their heating elements, initially in room heaters and then in toasters. They use the same technology in their coffee machines and kettles, to produce items that are not only functional and great to look at, but that offer quiet operation and easy care. Determine the capacity of kettle that you require, ensure that it offers safe operation through the use of handles and other features that are cold to the touch, and then decide whether you want additional items like a toaster, to further stock the kitchen with innovative and high-quality appliances. Browse our selection of Dualit kettles, toasters, and coffee machines. We have competitive prices on all of our products and we regularly have discounts and sales. Shop today, and spend more than £50, and we will even include free delivery to your UK address so that you can enjoy even better prices.

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