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Circulon Cookware Circulon are leaders in the manufacture of affordable, non-stick hard-anodized aluminium pans, cookware, and bakeware. They were the first to combine hard-anodized aluminium with a non-stick system and were the first manufacturers to offer a non-stick guarantee. Today, they offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, and Circulon pans, like the Circulon Genesis, are among some of the most popular that we sell.

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Circulon Symmetry
Circulon Symmetry Cookware ...[read more]
Circulon Ultimum Alu Cast Fitting
The Ultimum Forged High Density cookware range is backed by our hassle free lifetime guarantee and also our brand promise: If you're not satisfied with the perf...[read more]
Circulon Ultimum Bakeware
Welcome to our brand new Circulon Ultimum bakeware range, where we promise food will not stick.... guaranteed!

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Circulon Knives
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Circulon Tools
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Circulon Ultimum Alu Phenolic Fitting
Welcome to our brand new Circulon Ultimum forged high density cookware range, where we promise food will not stick.... guaranteed!

This Ultimum forge...[read more]
Circulon Bakeware
To complete your Circulon collection what better than industry leading Circulon Bakeware which contains our patented Total Nonstick release system ensuring that...[read more]
Circulon Infinite
Infinite Circulon features a TOTAL hard anodized food release system, which combines the unique hi-low relaxed wave technology with a state of the art non-sti...[read more]
Circulon Premier Professional
Circulon Premier Professional - Total non-stick interior that provides outstanding performance. Heavy gauge hard anodized cookware heats quick...[read more]
Circulon Ultimum Tools
Our new Ultimum range of tools are ergonomically designed for more comfort and better control. ...[read more]
Top Sellers from Circulon
Circulon Symmetry Chocolate Hard Anodised 20cm Stockpot
Now £44.99
Save 55%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £99.99
Circulon Symmetry Chocolate Hard Anodised 26cm Chefs Pan
Now £44.99
Save 55%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £99.99
Circulon Total - Hard Anodised 4 Piece Set
Now £109.00
Save 50%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £220.00
Circulon Ultimum Alu Cast Fitting 16cm Saucepot 1.9L
Now £42.00
Save 44%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £75.00
Circulon Ultimum Alu Cast Fitting 18cm Saucepot 2.8L
Now £47.00
Save 41%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £80.00
Circulon Momentum Stainless Steel 3 Piece Saucepan Set
Now £109.00
Save 39%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £180.00
Circulon Total Hard Anodised 30cm Stir Fry Pan
Now £49.99
Save 38%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £80.00
Circulon Total - Stainless Steel 24cm/2.8L Shallow Casserole
Now £44.00
Save 37%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £70.00
Circulon Ultimum Bakeware 8" Round Cake Tin
Now £8.40
Save 35%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £13.00
Circulon Ultimum Bakeware Cake Tin (Round) Loose Base 8"
Now £10.50
Save 34%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £16.00
Circulon Ultimum Bakeware Yorkshire Pudding Tin 4 Cup
Now £10.50
Save 34%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £16.00
Circulon Ultimum Bakeware Bun Tin 12 Cup
Now £11.90
Save 34%
In Stock - green tick Yes
RRP £18.00
More About Circulon Cookware

Hard anodised aluminium is preferred for its strength, and is used in a lot of professional cookware. The anodising process means that it has a non-toxic non-stick surface. This means that Circulon pans and Circulon cookware items are easy to clean as well as being hard-wearing and durable. Although hard-anodised aluminium is more expensive than conventional non-stick materials, it lasts longer and is better quality.

ECookShop is the official kitchenware website of Dawsons Department Store. You can find a vast range of non-stick pans, hard anodised cookware, and Circulon pan sets. We offer competitive prices, even on the latest ranges, and if you spend more than 50 on any order, you can also benefit from free delivery to any UK address. Browse our kitchen range, call and speak to a member of staff if you want to ask any specific questions. Alternatively, you can call in to the store to take a look at everything we have on offer, or use our secure online ordering system to buy pans and other kitchenware items and accessories.

Circulon Pan Sets

For more than 30 years, Circulon pans have offered a convenient, mess free means of cooking. Items from the Circulon frying pan to the Circulon wok have proven popular with amateur cooks and professional chefs alike. They will offer a lifetime of stress free use with some regular and easy maintenance. Buying pan sets means that you can buy the saucepans, frying pans, woks, and other pans and accessories that you need in one go. This means that the set will match, you can enjoy high quality pans of all types and sizes, and you can also save money when compared to buy the pans individually.

Circulon Bakeware

Although Circulon are best known for their manufacture of high quality pans, Circulon bakeware is also a popular line. It uses the same durable and hardwearing material, includes items like cake tins, Yorkshire pudding tins, and loaf tins. The bakeware has the same non-stick properties as Circulon pans and means that you can stock your kitchen with affordable bakeware items.

Are Circulon Pans Suitable For Induction Hobs?

There are many benefits to owning a Circulon pan set. However, there are some pitfalls too. Most Circulon saucepans and frying pans are not suitable for use on induction hobs. Induction hobs work by transmitting energy from the cooker directly to the pan. The pan must be made of a ferrous material, otherwise the energy cannot be transferred to the material. The hard-anodised aluminium used in the manufacture, by Circulon, is not naturally suitable for use on induction hobs. However, some ranges like the Circulon Symmetry range are designed with induction heating in mind so can be used for this purpose.

Maintaining Your Pans

To enjoy a long life of trouble free and non-stick use, you do need to properly maintain the pans and bakeware. This means cleaning them properly and using appropriate cleaning products. Because Circulon cookware is non-stick, it is easier to clean with less chance of food becoming stuck and burned on the bottom of the pan. Different lines and ranges do have different properties but, generally, the following maintenance is required with your new pans.

Dishwasher - How to clean Circulon pans; The Circulon Infinite, Premier Professional, Steel Elite, and Aluminium ranges are dishwasher safe. However, Circulon recommend that you hand clean all their pans and bakeware in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the items. Dishwashers use strong detergents, which can break down the non-stick coating of the pans, if they have not been treated or manufactured to be dishwasher safe.

Oven Safe - All Circulon pan sets are oven safe, but different ranges are safe at different temperatures. You should check the user guide that comes with your pan set, and avoid using any pans at higher temperatures than stated.

How To Condition Circulon Pans - If you don't take good care of your non-stick pans, they will eventually stick. Clean them according to their usage guidelines. Seasoning a pan not only improves the flavour of the food you cook but also prevents food from sticking. If you burn food on the pan, you can boil a mixture of water and white vinegar to help recover the non-stick properties.

What Is The Circulon Cookware Coating?

Circulon is made using DuPont's Autograph coating. DuPont are the same company that manufacture Teflon, so they have non-stick pedigree and experience. Circulon use a unique TOTAL Food Release system. It has high and low textured rings, which reduces surface tension and helps further reduce the possibility of food sticking to the pan surface. Some Circulon pans also have the same non-stick material around the outside of the pans to help prevent burning and chipping.

What Are Circulon Pans Made Of?

Circulon cookware is made from anodised aluminium. The material is strong and it conducts heat, which means that food is heated quickly and heat applied uniformly. The anodised aluminium is then coated with a non-stick DuPont coating. This coating means that it is easier to cook food without it sticking, makes cleaning the pans easier, and is one of the reasons for the popularity of Circulon products.

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