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Le Creuset Knives

Le Creuset is best known for its manufacture of cast iron and stoneware cookware. Their cocottes, or casserole dishes, are their best known products, while item...[read more]

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More about Le Creuset Knives

Le Creuset is best known for its manufacture of cast iron and stoneware cookware. Their cocottes, or casserole dishes, are their best known products, while items like the baking dish have also become very popular thanks to the high quality and attractive looks offered by these products. While they may be best known for these products, however, they do also offer other items.

Items like Le Creuset knives still afford the same high level of quality, and they use equally high grade raw materials as the company uses in all of its products. Some of the knives have stainless steel handles, and some have wooden handles, typically depending on the type of knife it is. There's also a good range of types of knife, including chefs' knives, santoku knives, and carving knives. Alternatively, you can buy a Le Creuset knife set that incorporates all of the most important and most frequently used knives, allowing you to stock your kitchen or your knife block with effective kitchen utensils.

ECookShop stocks a large selection of Le Creuset knives and other products from the iconic French manufacturer. We offer competitive rates and regularly include discounts on Le Creuset products. We also provide free UK delivery on all orders over 50. You can choose from the Le Creuset knives that we have below, or check back to see when we add the latest items.

Santoku Knives

A Santoku bocho is a Japanese kitchen knife that is used for multiple purposes. It is especially used for slicing, dicing, and mincing, and it can be used for most vegetables and meat products. In fact, the word Santoku means "three uses", referring to these cutting techniques. The shape of the handle is designed so that it encourages a proper hand position for cutting and chopping, and the blade, which is usually 7 inches in length for this type of knife, will make easy work of most food products.

Bread Knives

The bread knife is most commonly used for cutting fresh bread and has serrated teeth down the blade. These teeth encourage a sawing motion, which is best adopted when trying to cut bread without crunching and squeezing it out of shape. As long as you keep the knife sharp, it should continue to offer seamless and trouble free cutting, whatever type of bread you are trying to cut.

Carving Knife

A carving knife is typically used to cut thin, even slices of meat. They may also be used to filet large pieces of fish, and they have a narrow and thin blade as well as a pointy tip. They use less metal than other knives because this is meant to reduce the resistance that occurs between knife and meat. Using a chef's knife or other knife can make it even more difficult to cut uniform sized slices of meat. The size of a carving knife can range from 8cm right up to 14cm in length. You should buy an appropriate size to prevent having to carve through the meat, and so that you can enjoy the quick and simple slicing motion that is required.

Chef's Knife

A chef's knife, which is also sometimes known as a French knife, and it can feature a curved cutting edge, as well as a pointed tip. The size can range from 8 to 10 inches, most commonly, but can be as short as six inches or as long as 14 inches. Most chef's knives used at home measure 8 inches, while professional knives tend to measure 10 inches because the experienced chef will be able to accurately wield a knife of this length.

Knife Sharpener

As well as selling Le Creuset knives, we also have a Le Creuset knife sharpener as part of our kitchenware catalogue. Enjoy competitive prices, regular discounts on some of the most popular kitchenware ranges, and free delivery on all online orders over 50.

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