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Founded in 1966, Brita has become a leading name in water filtration for homes. A Brita filter uses activated carbon to remove impurities and an ion exchange resin to reduce the limescale. The result is purified, better tasting water.

Brita jugs offer a simple solution while the On Line Active Filtration Kit fits easily to any standard tap and provides filtered water for up to 6 months. As well as removing impurities from tap water, many owners prefer the taste of their filtered water. The systems are easy to use and equally easy to install, they provide great tasting and cleaner water, and the Brita brand has a history of providing high quality products and a high-quality service.

ECookShop is the official website of Dawson's Department Store, selling a wide range of kitchen appliances and accessories. Buy everything from crockery to coffee makers and Brita water filters. Enjoy free delivery to mainland UK address on all orders over 50, and either order online through our secure website or call in to Dawson's to view the entire range of kitchenware that we stock. You can also ring up and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff, who will be able to answer questions and queries you have regarding our products.

About Brita

Brita was established in 1966 by Heinz Hankammer. The company was named after his daughter, and he designed products with the aim of improving normal tap water. Nearly 40 years after the first Brita product was launched, the company now sells in more than 60 countries across the world and, as well as selling its products independently, its technology is also featured in some kitchen designs and kitchen units, as well as in kettles and jugs made by other manufacturers.

Brita filters are a very popular means of filtering water, although it should be noted that they do not offer full microbial purification.

What Brita Filters Remove From Water

Brita water filters do not remove fluoride from water. The activated carbon works to remove impurities like chlorine and compounds of chlorine that negatively affect the flavour and taste of the water.

The ion exchange resin, which is also present in Brita water filter cartridges, removes metal compounds like copper and lead and it is this resin that removes the hardness taste from tap water. These tend to be present as a result of the installation of taps and pipes in the home, rather than from the reservoir or mains system.

Which Brita Should I Buy?

Brita jugs are easy and convenient to use. Simply fill the jug with water, let the water run through the filter, and then pour. You can keep the jug in the fridge, and some fridges have Brita filtration systems built in. The purpose of a water filter is to clean tap water, so the Brita tap filters make perfect sense. They are easily attached to standard tap fittings, underneath the sink, and they work to remove impurities and improve the flavour of the water. All water from the home tap is filtered, and Brita filter cartridges last approximately 6 months before they need changing.

If you intend to filter all your water before drinking, then the tap filter system will prove easier and more convenient. For more occasional use, or for mobile filtration, a Brita jug will produce the results you want, when you want them.

What Are Brita Filters Made Of?

The activated carbon found in Brita filters is made from coconut shells; a sustainable source. It is this activated carbon that removes compounds like chlorine, that can ruin and negatively affect the flavour of tap water.

What Does A Brita Filter Remove?

Brita filters are not designed for use with water that is not microbiologically safe. This means that it shouldn't be used as a water purification system, and should only be used with tap water that is safe to drink.

Your Brita water filter removes chlorine, and it also removes metal compounds that are commonly found in water. Metal likes lead typically find their way into tap water from the pipes in your home.

The filters have been designed to specifically combat and remove the type of impurities that are most often found in tap water.

When Should Brita Filters Be Changed?

Brita claims that the filters need changing approximately every four weeks in jugs and other filter devices. However, the filters that are used in tap filtration systems only need replacing every six months. There are, however, several factors that may ultimately determine exactly how often you need to replace your Brita filter.

Homes with naturally harder water will find that they need to replace the filters sooner. Some filtration systems have automatic monitors, which will tell you when the resin and the activated carbon have depleted. Alternatively, wait until your water tastes harder again, or until the kettle is become filled with limescale.

Are Brita Filters Universal?

You need to ensure that you buy the right Brita water filter cartridges for the filter or filtration system that you have. The tap systems and filter jugs use different filters, and you won't be able to fit the wrong filter.

Check the documentation that came with your system, or replace the cartridge like for like by checking the existing filter for identifying marks and names. By ensuring that you get the right filter, you can save yourself time and money involved in buying several sets.

Are Brita Filters Dishwasher Safe?

Some components of Brita pitchers and jugs are dishwasher safe, but this isn't true with all models of Brita filter. Check your instructions and, if you are in any doubt, avoid placing the items in the dishwasher and, instead, wash them by hand.

You should always follow the instructions provided with your Brita filter cartridge. This may mean immersing a new filter in cold water for 15 minutes prior to use, but following these instructions helps ensure that you get the best results and that your filter will last longer without it having to be replaced.

Buy your Brita filter and filter cartridges from ECookShop. We offer free delivery on all orders over 50, and our friendly team can help answer any questions or resolve any queries you might have. Our online ordering system is fully secure so you can shop with confidence, and if you have any questions about your Brita water filter cartridges, give us a call and speak to one of the team; we are always happy to help.

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